Revamping your Home

Are you and your house/flat/apartment just not clicking these days? Has that passion you once had for couch surfing on lazy Sundays just fizzled out? Once upon a time, you couldn’t leave the office soon enough, so you could run back home and just relax but now…*sigh*…it’s just not the same anymore, is it?

As self-proclaimed ‘experts-in-these-things’, we’re going to give you a few tips to help reignite the fire between your home and you (pun very much intended) and have your interest piqued again.

As our wacky little intro probably already suggested, there is an actual existing relationship between you and the place you call home. Whether you built, bought or are renting, that brick and mortar box, however big or small, is your sanctuary. It makes you feel safe… warm…comfortable. But like every relationship, things soon start to feel a little old…monotonous…overly familiar.

Yep! It’s time to spice things up. Let’s begin:

1. Ouch!’ said the couch: If your couch has dents in it bigger than Lagos potholes, then please do something new in its life. Re-clothe it or better still, buy a new one…a really GOOD new one. Using our metaphor, this would be the equivalent of buying your home some new jewelry or changing her wardrobe. Other than your bed, your couch is probably the only other place where you spend most of your at-home time. So you could re-stuff and re-upholster the one you already own if you can’t afford a change right now. However, if you can spare the change, getting a spanking new one would still be best. Sink into that plush leather after a tiring day and see if you’ll ever want to get up off it.

2. Own a throne: Introducing a modern high-back throne like a King George Winged Chair or a Porter seat, to an uninteresting living space, can do wonders at livening it back up. With a hooded nook you can curl up and read in, a beautiful Porter would be gorgeous on a private balcony or library and a regular King George would transform any room in the house to a modern day throne room, making you and your lovely home feel positively regal. We have quite a few of these ourselves; one of which we call the Gramppy Chair – a flower patterned wing-backed beauty you’re sure to love.


3. A fresh coat: Sometimes, it’s just about the walls. A fresh coat of paint or a completely new colour can freshen up a room with a quickness! Play around with colours and go a little outside your comfort zone for a fresh new look and feel. But don’t restrict yourself to paint; wallpapers can do the trick too. While you’re at it, however, remember that light, pastel colours make smaller rooms look much bigger than they are…plus they’re easier to design and combine with. Throw in a framed art piece or two for an extra kick.

4. Rethink furniture roles: Another great tip we love for maximizing small spaces while adding an extra oomph, is multipurpose furniture. Get a bed-shelf combo with extra storage underneath or redefine the term ‘reading chair’ and your small 12×15 bedroom seems to suddenly double in size.

5. De-stress the mattress: A lot of people forget that, although mattresses tend to have a long usage life (depending on quality), they still need some TLC to serve at full capacity. Occasionally airing out and flipping your mattress could help with some of the itching and the aches your body is starting to suffer. Investing in quality bed linens (good Egyptian cotton, for example) and pillows with great neck support goes quite a long way as well.

6. The Switcheroo: Keeping your furniture looking the same way and in the same place for too long is the fastest route to Drab Republic. Every three to six months, alternate between minor and major changes. Whether it’s completely rearranging the bedroom furniture or just changing which way the head of the bed faces, it’s always a good idea to keep things looking fresh. The only reason you should be yawning in your own home, is from sleep or hunger.

7. ‘Diffuse’ the tension: Ah, smell! Arguably the most intriguing of the five senses. Smelling great is an art; every man, woman and in-betweener knows that. So if you can’t leave home without perfume, then you shouldn’t leave your home without perfume either. I mean, who doesn’t love to smell absolutely gorgeous? I know, right? Well, your habitat feels exactly the same way. So, a scented candle while you have a soak in the bath and a diffuser to always keep the air fragrant, would do nicely and are always a nice welcome home from a long day away.


So while you’re amped up in full re-decorate mode, stop by our store at Block 10, Plot 46B, Admiralty Road, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos or make inquiries about the furniture ideas we shared, all of which can be custom created for you.

We hope we’ve been able to inspire you to give your home a little makeover and make her feel just a little more special. If not for her, afterall, you wouldn’t have a roof over your head.