Let harmony guide you

Harmony, a term often used in music to represent the combination of simultaneously sounded musical notes to produce chords and chord progressions having a pleasing effect, simply refers to an agreement or concord between two entities.

A good number of cultures and religions teach about the importance of living a harmonious life.

According to Dr. Ravindra Kumar;

“Harmony is the ambrosia [Sanjivini] of life with co-operation, co-ordination and consent being its foremost features in the absence of which life cannot go on appropriately and smoothly and, therefore, there can be no success in life. It is for this reason that harmony, through the ages, has been considered vital to life, and continuous efforts have been made towards its realization and development in all walks of life.”

You are probably wondering why we are talking about harmony. There is a popular saying “charity begins at home”. So as you go on your path to creating a harmonious life, we are going to teach you how to first apply these principles to your home.


Harmonious colour scheme

These simply refers to working with colours that are easy on the eyes, such as grey, cream, beige, etc.

Nigerian interior expert, writer and CEO of Home and You Limited, Feyisola Abiru explains in her Bringing out the home in you, that working with a combination of harmonious colours allows the eye to travel smoothly with no sharp contrast.

This scheme also works beautifully when you graduate the value of the main colour and use them in different rooms across your home.

Working with harmonious colours can give you a very sophisticated and modern look and is perfect for you if you’re a minimalist or just looking for something new.